Boeing Was ‘Go, Go, Go’ to Beat Airbus With the 737 Max

Work on a 737 Max 8 this week at Boeing’s plant in Renton, Wash. When Airbus competed for a big order from American Airlines in 2011, Boeing opted to update its 737 rather than design a new jet. Ruth Fremson/The New York Times

Great article by the NYT:

When upgrading the cockpit with a digital display, he said, his team wanted to redesign the layout of information to give pilots more data that were easier to read. But that might have required new pilot training.

So instead, they simply recreated the decades-old gauges on the screen. “We just went from an analog presentation to a digital presentation,” Mr. Ludtke said. “There was so much opportunity to make big jumps, but the training differences held us back.”


What a great example of a cargo cult, or making a bad thing better rather than making a good thing.

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